Munich remembers the Samudaripen

The 21st of March took place the inauguration of the itinerant exhibition SAMUDARIPEN

Munich 23/03/2017

The inauguration of the SAMUDARIPEN itinerant exhibition, designed by the Federación Maranatha de Asociaciones Gitanas, was held on March 21tst in the German city of Munich. The exhibition, which is part of the MEM-ROM project: Reflection and memory on the Samudaripen, has already visited the cities of Valencia, Krakow and Pesara. The cultural center of Munich Eine-Welt-Haus has been its last stop.


Visitors to the exhibition watch carefully some of the photographic panels

José Alfredo Maya Maya, president of the Federación Maranatha, was in charge of inauguring the exhibition, organized thanks to the collaboration of the entity associated with the project Madhouse gGmbH. The day continued with an interesting and participated conference on the history and culture of the Sinti and the Roma that has counted on a large number of students.

After the conference the students could have a meeting with Peter Höllenreiner, a survivor of Auschwitz, who has approched the youngs to the harsh and chilling reality lived by the gypsy people during the Nazi genocide.



Young  assistants to the encounter listening the words of Peter Höllenreiner, survivor of Auschwitz

The work day was attended by politicians and local authorities, who have agreed with the director of Madhouse gGmbH Alexander Diepold, Professor Wilhelm Solms and the president of the Federal Sinti Association and Roma of Bavaria, Erich Schneeberger, to establish a commemorative day for the Sinti and Roma in Munich.

As a closing of the day, the audience enjoyed of the live music of the Sinti and Roma composer Adrian Gaspar, who with a group of musicians, has accompanied the exhibition of images of the different periods of Sinti and Roma history.

Program of the working day


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