To feel the horror of the destruction provoked during the Samudaripen is something that, as Aldo Rivera said in his lecture (see), can only be known by those that have lived it. However, when you go over the Auschwitz extermination camps, turned into living and permanent memory of what happened there, a host of feelings and a deep chill seize one-self. It makes no difference that you have seen all the movies or documentaries that show the barbarism committed by the Nazis, because when you are there, your soul sink, your heart shrinks and your tears cannot be contained.

It was the 27th of January, the 72nd anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, when our delegation, formed by 25 people from Spain, Italy, Germany and Poland, silently advanced on a snow blanket at 20 degrees below zero, carrying the wreath and the flag that identified us in the attentive and respectful presence of those who were there. We have tried to express the atmosphere and the feeling of everyone present in this video (see).

The Auschwitz concentration camps are an incomparable place for the withdrawal and the reflection about the human being behavior; a place that should become a must for young people who are now forming themselves and that represent the future. Because this visit is, undoubtedly, the best way to know and internalize the ultimate consequences of radicalism and intolerance in any of its aspects.

José Alfredo Maya Maya

President of the Maranatha Federation of Gypsy Associations